It is a tradition at CSHS for parents to put together Senior Posters for their students. These posters are a great way to look back at your student's time in the CCUSD. The PTO hangs these posters around campus during this last semester. Attached are instructions and suggestions about how to make the poster. Please use standard size poster board (28" x 22") and consider laminating the poster. Please don't include any photos that are irreplaceable. CSHS and CSHS PTO are not responsible for any damage to the poster. Posters can be taken home at the end of the school year. Photo posters can be made on-line through WalMart, CVS, and Walgreens. Posters do not have to be homemade. Finally, if a photo might be embarrassing, you might want to ask your Senior before including it. Examples of previous Senior Posters can be seen on the PTO website at Posters can be dropped off in the front office starting immediately. Please include your student's full name and cell phone number on the back of the poster.

Senior Poster Guidelines & Examples