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Senior Poster Guidelines & Examples

Calling all CSHS Parents...

Yes, this is a task for the parents... to honor, praise, ... and sometimes tease, your CSHS Senior student!
This is a Great CSHS Tradition!

Parents - please put together a unique poster for your son or daughter. These posters are a great way to look back at your student's time within CCUSD. The CSHS PTO volunteers will hang these posters around campus starting at the beginning of Quarter 4 (mid March). 


  • Use standard-size poster board (28" x 22") 

  • Recommendation: consider laminating the poster. 

  • Photo posters CAN be made online through WalMart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. Posters do not have to be homemade. 

  • Posters can be dropped off in the front office starting April 1st.

  • Clearly write your student's full name and cell phone number on the back of the poster.

  • Posters can be taken home at the end of the school year. 


  • Do not include photos that are irreplaceable. CSHS and CSHS PTO are not responsible for any damage to the poster. 

  • If a photo might be embarrassing, please ask your Senior before including it. 

  • Do not include any photos with alcohol or substances in them.

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